Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#516...On mulut tempayan!

I know you will read this,
And honestly I really sympathy with you!

To this person, You are hypocrite! Did you realized that? Have you look yerself in the mirror lately?

Look its plain simple, I know you don't like me and you have many other bitches will inform and tell you stupid thing! And guess what? This time its a plain work gesture and me honoring what have been transpired by you last week? Remember the manager ask yer assistant and you buat bodoh? I guess u already treat yourself as an outsider right..so be it! And yer wish come true!

And to the informer,
Self reminder to you! If you don't know about anything please don't assume! You just self centered person whom asking a favor of transportation. Please grow up!
And I wish all of u the best.

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