Saturday, July 2, 2011

#525...On update

Its been a while,

Above is ma picture at Porsche Driving Experience Malaysia @ Sepang.
And yes, I'm Tan! Hahaaaaa! *gedik*
Yes I'm really busy here's few updates ;')

On personal,

Yes, I admit lately I'm not myself
Been down with some stuff
And I need to stay strong due to commitment to ma loved ones.
Yet, this meltdown grow me in other way. It teach me how to be more patient and greatful with what I have now.

On work,

Let say some thing getting better and worst,
Yes, due tue ma other task I tend to forget a lots of things..
I'm not perfect yet I'm learning to improve myself and prove to them that I'm something..
With His will,

On small business,

Today we had discover more material and sample of material for shawls,
Me and partner have more stocks,
Gosh! Its really a huge temptation!
As if like shopping for ourself! LOL!
I learn to sew ma shawl better,
Yes! Its hard but its really satisfying..
And I will reveal it soon especially Introduction of our blog soon..

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