Thursday, August 4, 2011

#548...You literally make me :')

I meet my journalist colleague today,

One of them make my heart smile ;')

I haven't meet her for quite sometime, only bbm.

"What happen to you, where got bulat face, kurus what,"

Me *blush* maner ada slim bulat jer ha! ;')

Thank you for making my day babe! Much appreciate it, and me know u read this..we will go yam cha soon.


"P.s yes people I admit I like to wear oversize blouse and ma skinny jeans :))
And I really exited to see you kyra! I realllllllly miss you. And can't wait to see you hanin,"
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Fiona said...

Nice to see you after so long too babe!

My face also bulat due to medication. But I managed to make it slimmer and firmer :)

See you soon ;)

Azizah Abd Jamal said...


u have to share your secret hahaa!

Catch up with you soon ;')