Monday, August 8, 2011

#561...I'm just an ordinary Jiejah

I'm just simple person,

Always apply light make up with my eyeliner..if not pale like a moon,

Don't like lipstick prefer lipgloss,

Love unique perfum smell,

Adore and love animal from cat, rabbit, hamster, owl, elaphant, hippo, leopard and etc..

I'm a skirt gal but lately a bit lazy to wear them..will do soon,

I don't believe in diet but believe exercising and workout,

I like short hair, but my dad like me with long hair..

I'm the only daughter in the family with strong headed heart..,

Easier to calm when I'm mad,

I'm very talkative person, but lately my personality change due to many stupidity issues..,

Now I prefer to observe then say anything,

I do believe in love and will always do..

Money can't buy love, but can help me to pay debt and my bills..hahaaa!

I have many wishes but alhamdulilah I'm grateful to have what in front of me,

I wish I can play guitar like ma dad :')

I want to be more focus on thing especially career wise, I want to help ma parent too, insyallah ;')

Sometime I like to daydream to take me away from reality...prince charming satu please? Hahaaaaa!

I fall in love with lomo! But I'm just a beginner who don't know where to begin? -__-**

Lately I just feel wanna be alone, chill at home, watch old movie, gossiping with my mum, talking to ma dad and bullying ma twin psycho brother... And chasing my kitten! To me that is a blissful and peaceful..

This year, I find it weird...I don't feel the raya mode? I just wonder why. Will pay my zakat fitrah and etc..but my heart just like the peaceful of holy month I guess.

I'm really tired, can I go have ma padicure and message :') make me feel yummy again?! *berangan mode*

How fast it been, its almost a week now we are fasting.. Alhamdulillah.

Need to continue my work to ensure it won't be delayed anymore...

Pray for me peeps! Till then ;')


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