Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#565...The Akward thing is....


- you wanted to say "Good morning/afternoon/etc" to your boss/colleague/whoever's on the other line, but it came out as "gohfhahham..."

- you wanted to say "terima kasih/thank you/namaste/etc" to the cashier/toll girl/guy or whoever, but it came out as "theakkslmsns..."

- you don't remember your old friend's name and when they said "remember me?", but you said "yeahhh!! omg long time no seee, blablablaaa!" and then after a long conversation, you still don't remember their name.

- you said "such a handsome babyyy!!!" and the mother said "he's a she actually" or vice versa.

- you heard the person in the toilet cubicle buang angin baik punya. bila beliau keluar, hot rupanya.

- you wore baju awesome punya siap ngan heels bajet cantik pastu bila jalan jalan, ter-trip over something non-existent. depan orang ramai.

- you heard your favourite song in a store, then you told your friends "i love this song!!" then when you started singing along, you forgot the lyrics.

- you were telling a story and realized no one's listening. so you just stop.

- you were pissed off at the person who didn't reply your text only to realized you didn't send the text in the first place.

- you were camwhoring and you realized someone's watching. worse, they're your brother(s).

- you thought you're swimming like a mermaid, when actually, you're not even moving and you're the cause for the extreme waves in the pool.

- you rubbed your eyes, forgetting you had eye makeup on.

- you just told a joke and no one laughed.

- you made a video of you singing horrendously, and saw it on tv.
- you sneezed, and your phlegm landed on someone's foot.

- you were talking to your friend next to you while walking, and walked straight into the wall.

- you asked your friend "you're going to X's event tomorrow?", and your friend answered "i'm not invited"

- someone walks in on you when you're talking to yourself/recording a video.

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