Thursday, August 11, 2011

#567...Hope and pray the best

Its almost 6pm..
I just otw home
I just can say suck big time!
Settle some stuff but my report delayed!
Need to settle that tonight before that joker killing me again...

No matter what me do
It seem backfire me back?
Wtf!? (Ok azizah, puasa yea!)
On other issue...I'm wishing that I don't have this stupid issue! I'm just human, and I just bet you are to selfish to see or trust. Too bad if you can't trust a human being. Doubt always ruins trust, relationship, friendship and many more.

Can't wait to berbuka with my mum and go sembahyang terawih together :)
Drive home,
Just wanna be with my mum, it make me calm and me feel full spirit..and keep me sane too. Too many heartache and pain that I carry go back to them is such a wonderful feeling.

I don't know what ahead of me, but one thing for sure its gonna be a journey that I won't forget...

On the other hand,
The riot in London make me really sad. My hope and pray for the best there..

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