Friday, August 19, 2011

#577...Try to be positive

Because of my earache do I have to put cotton into my ears. Now I'm sitting here nearly deaf. And call me weird but this give me a completely different perspective of life. I know that I can take it out any time and I could hear everything again. But it changed my view.

Suddenly does important things become really unimportant and other things become very significant.

Little things, 'normal' things: 

- to have ears to listen
- to have lips to talk
- to have eyes to see
- to have feets to walk
- to have a heart that beats
- …

But these are the things we should grateful for, these are the things we should smile about daily!

Today training ahead of me, all the discussion make me feel like I am a joker sitting on the wall. Gosh! How this happen? Expecting more shite happening soon.. Till then have a great day ahead...
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