Saturday, September 3, 2011

#596...My Raya yang rock :)

Alhamdulilah, today is the 5th of Syawal How fast time goes by, been busy and unwell lately.

As I mention, this year raya I'm at Segamat, Johor. Very calm raya and emotional raya to me and my family. Elated and grateful with the love that been shown. This bulat gal really glad and happy with this blessing.

Since I'm on red flag (I da raya dulu yaw*!) Heheee!
We visit my tok mak and tok bak grave and pray in my heart. Tell them I'm really missing them and cherish every moment that I have with both of you.

Then of me go to Batu Pahat, much calmer Raya. My mum really not well espcially with her high fever, but alhamdulilah she is ok now. Then off we go to ma uncle, and me meet my new nephew..gosh! I felt old. LOL! I have a good time with him..then our journey continue to Machap which my Tok Sue's house. We have a great time with cooking together (asam pedas) and photography session..I really adore the olderly session chit chat etc. Of course the bonus keep on appearing make me wanna ran a way. I keep in my heart and I think my quiet syndrome have effected me as person. Few did ask why me different but I'm just keep it to my self :)

Then our journey continue to Tangkak, meet my Tok Cik. I have a great time there especially with the cempedak goreng, tulang sup etc.

Lastly, our trip is to Muar. My Mak Ngah house. We sleep one nite then my dad decided to go home. Weee!

As I mention,
I have a nice calm raya that I wanted. Many memorable time with my family. Loving the emotional session during the salam session. I miss my loved ones deeply while me not here. Heheee! That also including my babies (my cat and kitten) heheeee!

Today, I shall have my 1st open house at my gff house at subang. Can't wait to see her especially with her good news. Alhamdulilah, both of my gf..Hanin and Winnie have her new job. That is among my doa and prayers come true. Alhamdulilah and hope it went well. Insyallah...have a great weekend everyone! I know I will ;')

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