Thursday, January 5, 2012

#644... Wishing upon happiness

Day 5 of my new year,
Honestly nothing much change except to accept thing as it shoud be and most of thing runs as normal :)

Although, its only day 5 of 365 days, 
Yes, today  i did cried  and this has been continued since pass few weeks and now i feel i wanna scream

*sambil tendang meja*

But one thing that im pretty sure is 2012 its gonna be bombard me with many new obsticle
that trying to prevent me to be happy,

But some how all i'm going to do is i will stay strong, do my best to hang on and enjoy
life as it should be, happy as it is and syukur with His blessing!

Here's is some update that i wanna share

Work wise,

Three Main campaign still on progress only one its completely done *just now* yeay!
Incoming small track event and big event on February!

p.s : in yoga mood bersila *meditate*

Personal life

Been busy like a bee,
Been emo like a queen,

Counting day ahead of me and im guessing its to late to say
"so much to do, so little time" hahaaaa!

Many things that i gain and pick up along the way
last year and 2012. Dear Al-Mighty thank you for the gift, nothing more that i could ask for.
I hope and pray for the best,
Shall update more of this soon, Insyallah! 

JieJah's Say...Nothing more than i can say thank you to Al-Mighty to open my eyes and my hearts to see so many thing surrounding me. I wont say much but one thing in my heart keep on saying "Alhamdulilah"

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