Sunday, April 29, 2012

#672...Down to up. Up to down

Since late January till to this date, im still in searching mode from myself to working issue.
Silling as it sound at time i felt lonely. I guess usually i have a routine to be in the office, while now im based wherever that i need to be and orders.

My life from Yay! to Ayoyoyo! somehow it gave me another perpective and felt more blessed.
the other day i fall in the middle of the road. (i did cry with a little cut) but somehow thats make me more stronger. Yes, im still here. Thru, im still work my own way to get thru.

Dearest family and friends,
Im sorry if i missed a lot of gathering and time with you.I shall make things up again. Promise.
All i ask to give me time. Insyallah, i shall repay everything. Amin.

Thru this journey,
I felt really lonely. I misssed felt belong to a place i called second home, i guess this is still new. I missed my home very much, missing my cat, gosh this is so diffrent. im lost!
trust me i hadly smile -___-** its changed to 360 degree!

Alhamdulilah, All might had showed me everything, To those whom keep in touch on words that i can say is
"Thank you'. Love you guys, Thank you for supporting me and most of all believe in me. May all this beautiful people eill stay in blessed. Amin.

Im writing this as a reminder to myself
Every word, every curve word that i encoubter, kindnesss that i cant explain and things i cant explained i shall remember thru this embark journey. This down trip make me higher without words to describe. (pelik but true)
Its going to be May soon, may alll my effort that i showned and done shall change bit by bit soon. Insyallah.

JieJah's Say...Happy weekend everyone. Be safe! Hope its not to late to say congrats to Hanin and Eja with their latest edition. Will see you guys soon.

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