Monday, March 22, 2010

16#... If

Hi,if i tell you the truth that im lost?
could you guide me..

Hi, if im beside you?
would you say hai..or say how's yer day

Hi, If i look nice today?
would u say im beautiful..

Hi,if i hungry?
would u care to buy me the food..

Hi, if i like that dress?
would u buy the dress to suprise me..

Hi, if my fren treat me bad?
would you treat me better than them..

Hi, if i like that artist?
would you buy me the album and take me to the concert..

Hi, if i share my happiness?
Would you feel the same for me..

Hi, if im sad?
Would you tell me a joke to make me smile..

Hi, if im down?
Would you just come to me and give me a hug..

Hi, if you know me can you answer all this or just ignore.

I discover this yesterday online, Just wanna share how this question can make people smile and sad at the same time. Irony is everyone same some emotional feeling, It just wheather they want to show or not only.. All this it's just "if" question and the possibble answer..
*This been taken form one of the online survey*

Its make me wonder..and just want to tell this person Hi im Azizah, May i know who are you..?

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