Sunday, March 14, 2010

4#...Week 10 of 2010

How your new 2010..
I hope it went well.
How fast time past by,
Without realizing in two week's time we already in April.
Has any of your resolution come true?
I hope and wish it went well.

Since last year i decided to have list's of resolution, This is the 1st time i made my own list and Alhamdulilah it came true. My wish last year is more to work wise, some other personal development.For 2009 Work wise truly, it's a rough ride after moving on from being a CSE to BDE and now to Mktg Asst. Expensive life experience money can't buy. But this year is different..i wanted something solid for Future.

Maybe this time around it more involve with more emotion compared to last year more toward changes of different work environment, decision and etc. I don't believe that i'm always right,but i do believe in changing. People always act on perception but i don't buy that,because i prefer to act on logical perspective.

Will i succeed to make it happen this year, I'm not a God. But i will do my very best to make it happen as for now let it be a secret. Maybe in the future i will share more detail's.

**This March 2010 had given new life perspective, in many way's make me realize and open my eyes ~ from work wise, friendship, family, love, about my self, money, people and many more**

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