Thursday, April 1, 2010

25# ...If part 2,Expression

If there is a thousand would you understand what i feel and care enough to go thru with me.As the words start to ponder i realized many thing happen past few week, less word nor expression coming from the soul.If there a huge a secret, would you want to share it with me? Honestly, i doubt it because the world become to selfish and hypocrite as in many hidden agenda standing behind it.As many true nor story only been told, to me it had grow me and hurt me in the same time.Strange how emotion can adapt with it surrounding now. ....*small voice whisper, calm heart calm*

I don't think people surrounding or the environment will realized this as well because they seem too busy with they own life.It did hurt me when i try to give my best it seem it never been care, not even one word to say how much the person appreciate it..truly its life. Stranger nor unknown people came from no where realized all of the changes and care enough to spare their time to ask. Honestly I'm tired all this game or unfair trail, would it be easy when you get you deserve.In my world none of that is existed. As ordinary it should be it always back fire me and those harsh word will accompany me to sleep. May be its time to let the faith give the answer as for this time i couldn't see it.

As for now, I'm in empty picture frame that yet to be determine..

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