Thursday, April 1, 2010

26# . . . you been missed

First of all,
i want to say that I'm sorry..
sorry if you feel I'm no good to you
sorry if you that I'm neglecting you...

But one thing for sure that i want you to know is I love you!

Tonight and many other night,
I realized that I'm lost in another world again,
world there is no longer you in.

No more late nite chit chat
No more late dinner
No more partner beside me
No more smelly feet **sigh**
No more huggie when I'm down..

Ma heart try to ignore the emotional roller coaster played all day long
but the more i ignore the more closer you are to me..Only a month since you been gone...i still missed you.... 

P.s: I just watch "How to Train Your Dragon" make me more missing you ;..(

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