Friday, April 9, 2010

#28... Life

As the time show its 8.03pm im still in the office, somehow i know its not right but ton's of works need to be done. This two week, its a mess...totally. With the new management is in, many thing's need to resolved. Now i realized how hard to be in this position, hey *somehow ma title* does not represent what i do or ma task here in the company.

This two week among the highlight that i can share is

- realized been appreciated

- somehow truth is better  unspoken

- assumption can kill you

- realized who i am now...mature i guess*

- training (non stop) haiya -__-**

- meeting to set sop

- new task and responsibility

As ma petite always say's to me I'm too good or Malay say's Baik x bertempat..(which somehow i don't realized) ,which can lead people just take the advantages nor step on me. This is the truth..i don't know if you read this but i always been there when u need me the most, (not to mengungkit) but you always give this remarks to me somehow its a joke to you but deep down i truly hurt. As i accepted you as who you are this what i get ( It make me realized whom i am to you), and being smarter you shouldn't do that! why you don't contact me? yes, i got what? just don't make any assumption its really hits me and all the accusation that you throw make me really piss. I do hope you do look back and think back what had been done, from there you will realized. That is ma DOA to you.

If im the bad bitch now, i should do something that i always do before but....i don't because i know who you are and in my heart you're some one that i called friend. Hey! by this time i think you wouldn't call me that *huhuhu*... let time will tell then.

To me now all this happen its from GOD willing, this is my two cent's i guess.
Thank you for the support and word! i feel LOVED! Muahx...


HaninFarshid said...

sabar,k GG..tamo marah2...ceheer up...u ada ramai lagi sayang u ;)

Azizah Abd Jamal said...

yup, true dear! its just ringkasan karangan kehidupan *wah!*
anyway thx babe! muahx back...