Sunday, April 11, 2010

29#...Impian saya

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I'm a dreamer and always push ma self to achieve the best especially for future. There some dream just not meant for me, that part i have Redha, Life have to go on and i will continue my journey..Insyallah, with the hard work, with the twist of doa and many love i received ...May ma wish will come TRUE. Amin...

5 Impian saya 3-5 tahun dari sekarang,
  • I want to have my own kid (kawen pun belum da berangan nak budak)** xpe..this is my dream

  • I hope that i have step up to a higher level in career wise, more mature**, more secure financially,  better ride (wah!), of course this also include ma mon petite as well, and etc

  • I want to have my own Mi Casa (Rumah Sendiri) ;))

  • I want to perform Umrah *Insyallah

  • A professional DSLR Camera and professional Class hehehe*

5 Impian saya untuk tahun ini..
  • A great escapade vacation with the sound of click! click! ~~

  • Improve ma cooking skill now me more to eastern hope more skill yang boleh di kidnap dari mommy saya* esp her rendang and her sambal ikan bilis yum!yum!

  • To be more patient this year compared before, the best daughter for my famile , the best girlfren @ future wifey for ma mon petite ami, good and quality worker and a good FRIEND..

  • Have more contact for Automotive Industries and more knowledge about car, in the same time i want to go to all motorsport event **hehehee gilos

  • I want to go to LIVE concert this year...and a another dream that Mon Petite knows about it. Insyallah... 
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