Monday, April 12, 2010

30#... change or unchanged?

Many people say i have changed,
Funny part is the closed once also sometime didn't see or aware of this. It amazed me when a person whom saw the changes and somehow it make you feels good or elated in the same time. weird huh?
Time have grew me i guess, this week have given me many perceptive in many way..from friendship, family, relationship and work environment. Some how i sense many things are changing, as if they care how a person will feel?

One thing for sure,
Human will always remember the wrong doing or word hurt their emotion, then came a long the white lie that tries to cover the track which i simply not agree at all. Either way, somehow people does not care anymore as it should be back in old day, more into what's in for them or self important compare to what i can contributes to my company and etc. Another thing that people always hear is the gossip... wth** i guess this person have free times to that....compared to some people.

The sad thing is you only notice someone changing, but have you ever thought that you had changed as well.. more emotionless transmit to air we breath, to whom we spoke too, to object that we desire and to the person that we care..More movie try to convey all this but i guess its useless somehow as the human or people that watch can't translate the message behind the movie...

As i mention on the previous post, assumption can kill. To me from a existing friendship nor feeling.. i do think words plays the major roles, if we miss used it the consequences will be disaster.. Many words of good advice or words that comfort me lead me to this "if that thing had been signed by al-mighty for me,  whether sooner or later with the greatness Insyaallah it will be mine," i believe in this.. esp with the bless of our parents and the loved ones.. As tomorrow, remark a new beginning for step's in the future..

As for ma heart, i will learn to be more stronger and will be a better person as i mention in ma dream post

tiada sapa yang lebih tahu, 
hanya aku yang lebih tahu,
untuk aku ini hanya harapanku,
pada kamu itu hanya omonganku,
aku hanya pandangan sepi buatmu,
mainan kamu dalam duniawi,
hati yang pedih kamu pandang sepi,
dibawa lari sepi yang menanti,
hati-hati nanti ia membawa diri,
dari mengharap kasih yang tidak bertepi,
hanya yang pasti tuhan lebih mengetahui....

"hey this is ma 2 cents"...atau coretan ku

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