Friday, April 23, 2010

# 42... Attitudes

As much today is the last day of the week for me, as many nice and elated thing happen in the morning turn to SHIITE start after LUNCH (which i skip to finish up tons of work). Ops..! -___-

A special Thank you note to the big orange hollow b***h, irritating like only god knows! As for now, i don't have any special name for you yet. Look if you so in desperate wants to prove to your boss that you're The best Employee soo..GO ON!
Please be my guest, I don't care because its not under my job scope anyway. Honestly, I pity you because you look so desperate to show to others that you're capable or accountable. Look genius, this is a fact weather you realized this or NOT.. THEY are really smart ASS lar..No matter how hard you try they will eye and ears. Such a poor gurl. Hey, i know you you don't like me, its o.k but your childish way to handle an internal or a small issue make me don't respect you! Such unprofessional..**ckp pandai tp biler tanya balik, lain yang di tanya lain di jawab** me -__-*

Sorry, this is my honest opinion and you need to grow up, be more professional and hope that realized before its too late, which you already *kertu* than me.(which i doubt it)

On the other hand, GO ON with your hiding much more changes that I notice. I guess i kinda understand why that person had to do *that* to you. Hope you will realized soon as this can harm on others emotion as well. Heartless emotion!

This is we called life huh?**
Make me thing twice and re-planning what i already plan. -__-#**

Spontaneous weekend this week? i guess not now.
*Sorry ya para pembaca, ada typo error td! tp suda dibetulkan..**

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