Tuesday, April 27, 2010

#43... Another Day in the Office

To this person,
I personally dedicated this post to you!

Honestly, u're CHICKEN..i send the email twice and its such a simple task that you can't answer. To bad if you don't have the GUTS to reply ma email. Hey, that too bad. To cut story cut, i suggest you need to recheck or revaluate your self!

To reply my question in ma email pun you have to call my boss to ask a favor that is really funny. LAME & STUPID! Just now u still acting as if you know everything (Cz its infront of yer boss)..PiiraHHH!
Save it to the manual book!

To me u are just another Gedik fall in the wrong fantasy island!
- p/s if im not who im not for sure you kena sembur with me BUT knowing the WHO you're i turn back and smile ;) and  say's you're just not worth it!

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