Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#70... I say, I wish & ....

Here are twenty things i give myself premission:
To rest
To laugh
To play
To make mistakes
To say "NO" to demands on my time that are simply draining
To say "YES" to what i want
To fullfill my lifelong dream
To ask for what i want
To be who i am
To try again
To have fun
To design ma own life
To ignore naysayers
To stay focused on what's more important's in life
To be whatever body shape that i like
To be imperfect
To ask for help
To stop caring what other people think's of me
To write lousy first draft
To be able to create

I wish...

It didn't hurt
I didn't care
It didn't matter
I be more happier
I have more money
I am more prettier
I could have more sleep
I have more time to enjoy!
I could enjoy more delicious food
I have more time from you was
I will be more diffrent
l lived some where else

I just wish.........

i wish i can go vacation, with new stylo sunglases,
more better sleep for me, and i want fit tummy to wear skinny cloth .....>___< kinky mode ON! heheee!!!!!!

 I want this hand bag, lorrrrrve burberry (i saw in Purple) Yummy and of course the left handbag make me horny.... >___<

 make me beautiful and make over like on the left ;))

I really want to eat choclate at this time around, office make stress, small issue tend to get bigger, Choc is among an escape, hehheee and i love tulip.

I love to have another gadget ;-P and the left pump heels its kinda HOT & Yummy!

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