Thursday, May 13, 2010

#72...Period song.

Wake up in the morning w/ blood on my panties

Grab my pads, I’m out the door with them riding my fanny.

Before I leave, brush my teeth, with cramps on my back.

Because when I bleed for the day, I ain’t coming back.

I’m talking about menstrual flows, flows. Stomach always bloats, bloats. Aching from head to toe, toe.

Hips-winding, acting all bitchy, bleeding all over the city, walking like I’m tipsy,

Won’t stop, make it stop

PMS, blowing my mood up.

Tonight, imma bleed,

Til the end of the week.

Oh, ooohwoahoh.

Tiktok on the clock, but the bleeding don’t stop no, ohwoahoh.

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