Thursday, July 1, 2010

#102...The i want list

Usually people will put as bucket list but in ma case
i wanna put as my want list..


cz this is ma dream,
of course i want it to come true..
Enuff said!!

1.I want to continue ma studies ..insyallah coming
2. To khatam my al-quran before the khatam day
3. I wanna to go ma dream escapade vacation and more traveling
4. Upgrade ma gadget so me can click-click more and get more income
5. License for ma scuba diving
6. Upgrade ma cooking skill ;) jeles with ma adik -___-**
7. More leisure time with ma gf's and ma loves ones, wanna open a cafe one day
8. I wanna wear 2 piece bikini..Just a little bit more before ma escapade *wink*
9. To brush up ma guitar skills and took a lesson..
10. Ultimately i wanna own ma piece of land or ma own property
11. I wanna go for Umrah trip with ma Famile and future ones. ;)

Of course it will a long road, but with little bit of faith and a pinch of Doa

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