Wednesday, July 21, 2010

119#... I just wanna to Update Part II

Work update

As the gossip gurl make me annoying
i just dont care
by making faces
does not prove nor change an
what you wanna say
Coz You're not the bos of me.
Enough Said!!

I have much important things to do
and I'm proudly say that im not like you
and i don't wanna be like you..

Engagement Update..

today make it 2 day before the date
Dear Al- Mighty...
Make this small event successful for both famile
and friends
As for today the wedding planner will install some
pillar at ma house tonite
Mode: exited! Yippie...


After the hardcore weekend
me realized something i need to take ma time to do it
not follow others
they should follows the dateline been given
I will start ma holiday on Friday to concentrate the event
and will continue with company event
till then ma work will pile up


*I have zillion things that been handover to me
i hope i have the strenght and the ample time to finish before

And a part of that me gonna miss Yuna Performance
The date its on 23-24th July 2010
Insyallah they will another time i will sit down
to listen to yer lovely voice and you play the guitar~

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