Thursday, July 29, 2010

#120... Bye Bye July, Me will miss you ;(

Times goes fast,
This week is the last week of July
Bye Bye July...Me will miss you and many historical have been created in July

You give me many emotion rollercoaster,
from sadness to happiness...

you give me a new chapter in life,
you give this bulat face a smile,
Hey.. me much elated and feel bless with much love.

Last weekend i have two event in hand
one is ma personal event that happen on Saturday
On Sunday is the another event is Company Event

Both went successfully
and will update once me have the pic with me will share.


I meet the 2 of ma idol's

Me much elated,
im lucky enough to see Yuna and Tun Mahathir ;)

Yummy weekend indeed!!

This Week,

Ma company organizing another official event
Me bz like bee..

But i hope that i can find or curik time
to joint the another event..
Let see how that goes

P/s: me miss the me time with ma mon petite ami, Famile and frens
Thank you for those coming to ma event, This Bulat Face really appreciate it ;)

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