Monday, August 2, 2010

#121. . .Disturbing attitudes

Last weekend was good lesson,
Especially for me!
The event went very well although we have many issue with unresponsive people.
Who are they? Only Al -Mighty know's better...

My pray is,
Ya' Allah sesungguhnya engkau yang lebih mengetahui siapa hamba Mu,
dan Sesungguhnya engkau lebih maha mengetahui. Aku pasrah dan berserah pada mu.

Only one words good that i wanna to express is Thank you
(you know who you're and me really elated you guyz help me alot on that day)

On the other hands,
F*** off to those people that to selfish and heartless to figure their responsible to the company!

Me really tired of the propaganda and goosip that they want to spread to air
I just don't care anymore...In another word
I'm really tired of this stupid game and act good with them.

And unexpectantly one of the clan did bcc to me and announce to the whole wide world that "Im poyo nak mampus and perasan teror"
Its o.k.. i know who I'm better than you coz i don't know u!
Anyway i will take it as  your grateful doa for me..
For that im Thank you!.

Hey to this people,
(I don't know whether you read this)
I honestly don't care what you do nor think!
As i know im doin my task and deliver my task to the management as require
I dont have to report anytthing to you nor yer group member..
To think back... i dont have anythg to do with you!

Im honestly really tired
Tired of this people
Tired of "manjaga hati org"
At this point i will learn more to take care of myself and the peep's that care for me!

To this great people I Love you guyz!

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