Friday, October 1, 2010


Today i felt much calmer that what i expected, if not sure me will fell like deep shite
yesterday or everyday its another learning experiences,
yes i understood its life,
hence i don't expect it to easy,
but in the same time i know its a journey,
one thing i now is never take thing so easily,
and never trust people instantly
just trust and care the one whom really care about you.

I realized things can't be assume just like that
and assumption always kills me
beside that i realized that
it good when we really know who 'is' him or her
to me people can say anything
can assume anything
because they don't know anything
Am i correct?

When life just run its course
it make people as who there are
life make us mature
in every way that we did not realized
although we have an ego inside
of each and anyone of us..
hence time & situation can be the only one
whom can give you an answer
and of course with the guidance and faith
you will lead the way..

This are the words that playing on ma mind

Its funny how i can do this
Its funny when me can describe this in words...

JieJah's Say...Nothing just a plain word

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