Thursday, October 7, 2010

#206.. Pink October fest

Today i wanna to inform about this awareness
this month its a breast awareness campaign..
me wanna share because i care
me share because i been thru that before
Yes its only a sis but the pain and emotional roller coaster
only god know,

how much pain its involve especially been dumb
by a cruel man at that point of life..
but i wake up and i became who I'm now
feel much alive
feel much more worth it

and at the end it not the cancer at all
but as what the doctor tell me

"Early detection helps,"

yes, I'm agree with that and I'm elated
that I'm here still breathing and surrounded with people
that care and love me endlessly...

The campaign that caught ma eyes is yesterday newspaper
Sultan Abdul Samad building and Mid Valley colored in Pink
Its a cool idea to do that
i got some picture to share it with you as well...
and on top of that if all of you do read cleo magazine
CLEO magazine, the best selling English language women’s magazine had launched
an online breast cancer awareness video starring CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2009
Henry Golding, the Breast-man...aka the yummy man..
everyone know what is this campaign its all about
but do you especially gurl out there
spend at least 15 minute to self examined your breast
trust me its easy!
or you can ask your husband aka yer lover to examined it for you..
(Ini untuk yang sudah berkahwin sahaja, Noted with Thanks!)


Jiejah says...

Early detection saves your life and since yesterday i can't upload any pic will upload a pic soon from home.. ;))

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