Thursday, October 7, 2010

#207...Story of a working life

Wise friend once did mention to me
"G, bitches think alike,"
yes, at times i have to admit that i also can be a cruel bitch
but still im an ordinary gurl with a twist of the bulat face
but the story that i wanna share here its something stupid
and kids please don't try it at home or your work place

Look its not my intention to backstabb them
but as i observe they like a disease
that really contagious that make sick
at first i don't think its this bad
but till the day i heard it myself
i realized that they a bunch of human or bitches
that have dissatisfaction in life
if in Bahasa Melayu means "rasa ketidakpuasaan hati"

They like to gossip about things that unrelated
what cloth we wear, ma opinion~ i dress much stylo that you although im wearing scarf
what we do (in term of work) , ma opinion ~ i guess they dont have anything to do
gossip about management, ma opinion is they don't have a respect to a person named as BOSS (idiot!)
small things that unrelated, ma opinion ~ In Malay proverb.. Like katak bawah tempurung

Example as above already shown who they are
i don't have to say more
and they best part of yesterday is between them in the clan
they have the guts to condemn other people
the best part is that another person is the closes friend here in the office
how cruel a person just can assume and do something like that
and the more beautiful part is the second person accepted
in open hand...

As ma colleague tells me if we in that position
one thing for sure i will give her a piece of ma mind
and convince ma boss at the same time
maybe that is the most logical thing that normal person would do
to think in their shoe i guess they don't think in that sense at all

I guess what i encounter its just a piece of pie in working environment
many thing we will discover
i know every one wants the best in life
but i don't think we can achieve that by stepping at other people's head
its for me to learned
and to you to figure it out

JieJah's Say...
this people don't have anything else to do
maybe they expect life will come easy to them

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