Monday, October 11, 2010

#211...Monday accident

I wake up late this morning
Rush'in to dress up
Decided to wear sweater that not required to iron
and wear light make up to cover ma sleepy face
ready and off me go..

In ma heart,
i feel uncomfortable
i don't why i feel that..
trying to ignore it because i know it just the Monday blues

With lafaz Bismillah me kuar rumah..

Load ma stuff in the car,
heat up the engine
check ma kitten's at the porch
then i saw them with their mummy
feeding and playing with each other..
me kiss them and say me going to work ya!

Note: Yes, I'm a mummy..i have many small kids that i need to take care,
my kid came in fur..with 4 leg and mustaches"
i heart them...and yes, i love them too much.

Back to the story,
i go in ma car..
put the car on reserve and slowly the car move
as ma eyes check again for cats
and suddenly me saw...

Ma baby,
lifeless..with blood all over the place
me just stop the car and me just burst in tears
ma dad shock thought that i hit something
when he saw what me holding
he just silent ------
so with ma bro ------

The air burst with ma tears
yes..she still live when me hold her
but ma dad took her away from me
my heart really hurt and full of regret with what happen
i blame myself not to check again..
i know u like to play with me coz i will chase u back
and now...u left me.

I know this wont bring you back
but hear me deary
i would do anything to turn back time
especially not to do the same mistake again
me really sorry, i trully do my dearest baby..

Here i am
pouring ma heart again for the lost
that should not be..
although i meet and love you
in brief off time
you have ma heart in second that make me happy
and smile..
your eye make me smile again after the previous lost
but now its ma lost..

JieJah's Say...
Dearest baby,
mummy really-really sorry.

Dear Al-Mighty,
To you i serve with all ma heart and soul
to you i seek ma forgiveness
with this I'm really sorry for accident this morning..
with this i send ma regret..I'm sorry.

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