Monday, October 11, 2010

#212... Love in the air

This week this bulat gurl
celebrating the love all around me
Yes, truly i been bless with love around me
i will share some picture later
as the picture is with ma Mr.kecik

but before that

To ma fren Heyza,
Congrat dear,
I'm truly sorry i can't make it to yer engagement
My mum its not feeling well and i don't have any transport
Ma Charlie used by ma dad..his car rosak.
Insyallah..with god willing me will come to yer reception
and honestly me x sabar especially
the photo shoot at bagan lalang beach
me loike!
can't wait...

To Ma cousin,
Maria muna..congrat dearie
the 10.10.10 treat you well
after solemnization "grizzling @ hujan gerimis fall as a good sign"
me ;)
i don't know weather you will read this
but i want to express how beautiful you are
me adore you..
and ma prayers goes to everlasting happiness
with faizal till end of life
can't wait this Friday and Saturday
for your reception..
must be you jugak

The third is the future in laws solemnization
a simple majlis but full of love
with the spirit of togetherness and F.A.M.I.LY

I'm elated that Mr kecik bawak me to his hometown
i feel at home
the warmness gesture from the future family
make me fall in love instantly
yes, I'm still new in the family
guide me thru i will be there soon..

Not to forget
I have ma girlfren time
Thank you for your time and care
we did catch up a lot right?
yes, we have many incoming session soon
Thank you I'm elated dearly
yes, i felt the love all around me
yes, i feel great and elated with this
I have lost one the baby that i love today ,
Yes I'm sad, but i believe this stated in qadak and qadar.

JieJah's Say...

**ma thought's
fly's at this quotes Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind...
words..wonder thru me...

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