Thursday, October 14, 2010

#216...Its me!!!!!!!!!

(with the gedik loncat-loncat mode) :P

*me with the black scarf**This October issue of Malaysian Tatler

With ma scream
YES! Pic above show ma passion and ma another love
In previous post i think in early july
I have the oppurtunity to go joint PWRS Tour Singapore 2010
I have a great time there
Great time and much this bulat gurl its so elated
During that time i stayed at Marina Bay,
And its just been newly officiate..
Great memories..

I think the best is the experience to drive the 3rd expensive
car in the world...Porsche

JieJah's Say...
What more me can see..Im elated with all this.

I still in dreamland
Im elated and lucky to be here..

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