Thursday, October 14, 2010

#215...Makan, Cinta dan Tuhan

Maybe some of you already watched this movie
I read some of the review say it bad and not worth to watch
but some say it worth it...
So..i decide to watch.


I realized after watching this movie,
it make me wake up from the deepest sleep
to make me realized many thing in life that i miss
the decision that left hanging without any answer
mistakes that can change ma life

but the best is,

to learn to forgive our self
learn to accept thing from bad to the best of you
open your eyes, see surrounding us..
open your heart,in order for other to see the real you
learn to let go of your past
learn to live with our mistakes
learn to talk to god
without god we are useless
walking with empty souls
and the main thing is

Live to drive your dream & always put Al-Mighty First in our life...

So far this movie,
effected me in many way
maybe I'm such an emo gurl -___-"""
which i admit i do..
make me think a lot..
make me realized in many ways that it should be
and honestly i want to watch it again and again

JieJah's Say...

and without me realized
i add another wish in ma wish list..
to read more books as i used before this..

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