Friday, October 15, 2010

#218... The >___< day..

Today is the grand finale day
that everyone have waited
even me,
i start ma day with lafaz "bismillahhirahmanirahim,"
I'm hoping a for a good start
to kick out ma youngest bro called
his in Bukit Kayu Hitam, out station
he ask me a favor..
and ask me to search for him account book
-____-** me can't find it
ask the my another bro to search for it
because i already late to work


the traffic is flowing freely today
great! but the intersection from Kesas to Subang
make wanna to commit blood..
cliche as it sound but the traffic policeman just hold for 5 minutes
i wonder why..
never mind i guess
again another traffic mess from ara damansara towards glenmarie
I'm expecting the worst of the day,
but I'm hoping the best for the day as well

I will be at Matrade hall
to celebrate the reception of ma cousin
yes, I'm exited...
I hoping that i can go off early to
mise en place ma self...

Will update more as time pass by
i don't care about the longkang-longkang that always
irritated me..please go ahead
and i don't care about the negative vibe anymore
as i realized I'm more worth it without them
and I'm better without them..
because i love and forgive myself
and on a journey of a new beginning...
of ma new adventure!!!!!!

JieJah's Say...

And with this to ma colleague..
Tomorrow will be yer Nikah day! The best of luck as him today also working -___-""""
In advance with I'm wishing Selamat Pengantin Baru to Razin & Erlin Lee
will see u guyz soon there!

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