Friday, October 15, 2010

#219.. The guy make me smile..

I don't know why,
but one thing for sure is you really make me smile
I just get to know you last couple of song
I fall in love in yer yummy voice
I fall in love in yer music..

Yes, ahhaahhhaaa...
Who also can make me smile now
the song is so ALIVE
I'm officially your greatest fan
Can't wait to get ma hand to buy yer album
Can't wait for you to come to Malaysia

Please DO..
Coz me so in love with your lyric
That is ma confession of the day..
Yes, i update ma play-list.
with consist of his tracks...
Yummylicious man
JieJah's Say...

sayer agak pelik
dlm kekalutan saya sekarang lagu anda menjadi inspirasi 

saya berterima kasih.

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