Monday, October 25, 2010

#229...Ma thoughts for today

Situation:  I'm sick because of food poisoning, the doctor advice a lots of things that i can't eat
Ma head:
Then what i can eat then...Wtf***

Situation: Dear Ms Azizah, your billed under ref blah2** need to pay as soon as possible
Ma head:
Dear Customer service, i did inform you that my salary will be in on 26th onward..get it!

Situation: Ya...she cool lalaallllaaa. It would great if she can help me later?
Ma head:
Ya ma A** she just an actress that just received a nomination Golden Globe Award..
Just another plain hypocrite girl with no dignity

Situation: This stupid guy keep on kicking the sit in the movie hall
Ma head:
Its not because of the movie excitement its because that guy have attitudes problem!

Ms A ask: Nice shirt, where you get it?
Ms B answer: I cuma beli tempat yang ada kelas jer ....
Ma head:
Unrelated answer -___-** Idiots!

Foot Note:
This is among situation that every human in the word will go thru, trust me this is not easy but the fact is we call as LIFE...

 JieJah's Say...word that playing on ma head

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