Friday, November 5, 2010

#254...Please kick ma bum..bum!!

I just can't help myself to post this new gadget,
after you read it you tend to buy it,
but after rethink back ans see your pocket
I will hide ma self in the closet and talked to ma self something like this
Dear Jiejah!! Right now i have many other priority item compared to this :(, 
Be patient kay...Insyallah it will be yours.

but ma jahat mind say: When? Me LOL!!!!

Nota kaki: Tiga di atas antara idaman di hati ;P
Translation above is among ma dream new gadget :))*

Nota kaki: But if me can't as above gadget either this two also will me more than happy..
Anyone wanna buy for me ? :))*

JieJah's Say...
Dear sugar daddy (if ada la kan) can you buy this for me**

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