Thursday, November 4, 2010


many things happen surrounding me
yes,office kinda hectic with few incoming event as i mention in previous post
yes, i don't care anymore what those longkang likes to mengumpat about me
to me they just to caring and just loves to talk about this bulat face gurl
predicting more task to be deliver soon
If you ask me? I'm DELIGHTFUL! <In most gedik way!!

Not to forget...
yes, Congrats to him with incoming new opportunity! Good luck and all the best...

I notice another thing
people even ma closed ones always misinterpret what i say or what i mean
Yes, i admit that i'm not good in expressing my self but i notice few of ma gf can catch
what i mean or thought! at on point we just accidentally look at each other without saying any words both burst in laughter or both in tears together -___-""
plus they seems can't catch wheather me sad or happy...

hahaaa...catch me if you can?

Another thing,
we will never know or predict what will happen in the future
or even the current life drama that we will deal everyday 
or past history that suddenly appear from no where
to me all this is LIFE,
we should be Thankful and Syukur to Al-Mighty for His Greatness....

JieJah's Say...
Words to ponder as i can't sleep tonight
Many lie appear from the moonlight
As the great happiness and sadness pass by just to say good night...

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