Monday, November 8, 2010

#262.. Dream do come true

Sila baca post ini dengan nada yang sangat gedik..

First of all i would like to say Thank You to Ms GF saye..for making one of ma zillion wishes come TRUE
And more to come in the future..Boleh?
yes, im to this genre of Music too if any of you are wondering..
Me also into theater too, it either i don't have any time or geng to go with..But now i DO
Miahahaaaaa**ketawa jahat tp Chomel!**

Last Saturday we went to Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra.
Performance : 'Sleeping Beauty' from the Bolshoi
Conduct by: Carl Davis

An orchestra as our entertainment for the night..;))
Next event in the row...;P (P.s Credit to Cik Enny)

Me n Ma Baby LUMIX - Dinner at Japan with Ma bulatface!

FROM Moscow with LOVE all of us after the show :P

JieJah's Say...
Yes, me happy one of dream come true!
Wonderful nite but been spoiled by the PMS thing..