Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#263..Well you know when.....

Today ma work pile up like nobody business, i use this nice 15 minute of break to chill and escape myself at this blog. Well i just wanna share a some logical attitudes or attributes that makes us as a Malaysian.
So ladies and gentleman....

 We are Malaysian when:
  • You drink your tea from a clear plastic bag.
  • You don’t care about red lights any more, and then you ask “Can you help me?” when a police officer approaches you.
  • You no longer bothers with zebra crossings, even at busy highways!
  • You dig deep into your pockets to contribute to the latest appeal for donations in the newspapers.
  •  You’re willing to consume sambal petai and durian and gladly suffer the bloating and wind-breaking incidents.
  • You drink your tea from a clear plastic bag.
  • You know that the weather report on TV or newspapers doesn’t mean a thing to you. Malaysians knew that it should rain at about 3pm and you’ll have to worry about traffic jam, who needs umbrellas?
  • Your moods is influenced by the festive seasons. Hari Raya mood, Deepavali mood, Chinese New Year mood, etc.
  • You use Manglish often. And jumble it up even better.
  • You have owned at least one Proton or Perodua in your lifetime. Cheap, cheap. That is until you start to make enough dough to buy that Honda you’ve been salivating over.
  • You know more than 5 varieties of roti canai. 
  •  You have roughly six meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper). Then there’s the snacking. Keropok ikan, pisang goreng, muruku, jam tarts and the like.

JieJah's Say...
I enjoyed it and to my opinion its all true LOL!
This site make me smile and make me rasa nak gelak goleng-goleng Miahahaaaa~~ :D
Most of the fact are true and to know more visit http://youreamalaysianwhen.tumblr.com

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