Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today i hope have treat you well and may you all out there (Especially today date seems nice) :)
Well today kinda cool compared yesterday. A good thing about yesterday is i have a huge date with Mr Panamera 4. They had called as invisible driver hahaaaa!

The reason the car is super huge compare me like super short and petite. To drive that beast its a privilege and this bulat gurl is much elated (although at first me don't wanna to drive it, honestly i feel really scared)
But hey..Whatta hack! I just go with the flow and yes at the end of day me manage to do drive the beast in one piece. YEAY!

You all must wondering why i'm dring Panamera right? Well we have this colaboration with MAS and there an introduction of the new plane.

Yes, yesterday was really-really hot especially i'm at airport hanger and its simply cool especially with many other plane its there besides than MAS. I will share some shots later..but today make me realized that life is full of exitement and the coolest thing about it! we live and learn...and today i have another event to attend :) The dress code is red. Red is sexy if you know what i mean. LOL!!!

Have a great day peeps!

One of the shot from yesterday shooting :P

JieJah's Say...

Just now i browsing the net...and me saw this lovely printed leopard make feel OMGosh**

Me Nak? So nice plue super YUMMY..Nak OT la camnie....HAHAAAAAA!!!

This watch can match with above bag kan..sure nice kan? heheehheeee!!!!!
anyone wanna buy for me?

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