Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#266..The silence

There are two kinds of silence

The awkward silence:
the silence between two people who have nothing to say to each other.

The perfect silence:

the silence between two people who have a million things to say to each other,
but choose not to do it at that moment, because they know they will have a million other opportunities to say them, because they are going to be in each others life’s forever. Usually you walk away from the perfect silence feeling like you just had the best conversation ever.


i feel really down
im down with the situation that i'm facing right now
why is so hard to get what we really desire
like my situation now,
we already buy the ticket to go watch life show
end up now i have to work
so i decided to let go my tickets
and off me go to my company event
if you ask what i feel now
i feel this is this suck
but if you ask me why i do that
because i need to support my boss and ma company that im working right now
as malay proverb "bukan rezeki saya,"
i need to absorb this...
maybe to you out there this is a small thing
but to me this is something that i really anticipating it
especially afdlin live (With a huge sigh...)
I'm not in the mood to be good today
i don't have any mercy to spare
cz today I'm not myself today

JieJah's Say...

any Jokers to make me smile today
any nice people wanna give me hug today..?
I wanna to escape today
(I'm a bad gurl today)

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