Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#301...Room had spoken

       1. ROOF SAID: aim high.
I dream big, and bit by bit i change and transform myself who i wanna be and what i want to be. I wanna to change ma family to a better place and i hope that i can provide them with the best thing that make them happy..

       2. FAN SAID: be cool.
Cool in easy to cool down, Yes! I admit i have my temper or shall i say ma anger but there is always a valid reason why i'm mad. I don't like to us harsh word as MY MUM thought me better than that.

       3. CLOCK SAID: every minute is precious.
 I always appreciates thing that happening surrounding me, whether i will have the same response from the other party i wouldn't know but all i know i learn everything happen for a reason.Many beautiful thing and painful thing happen thru all this year. This is life right? Me elated to be here and watching. Clock its ticking, as long as i'm still breathing i will appreciates all thing in front of ma eyes.

       4. MIRROR SAID: reflect before you act
I used to have a bad habits when it come to things that i don't like.After all this years and experience i admit i change and usually i will think before i act on it.

       5. WINDOW SAID: see the world.
Travel is always ma first passion, This year few plans have to put on holds as my mum is more important than that, Maybe next year! Bikini and beach...here i come!!!

       6. CALENDAR SAID: be up to date.
Mark ma calendar is another habit that i have since im working, this includes my calendar on ma hand phone (To many input in ma hp make her spoilt already) hahaa!! This ensure ma self to alert and make sure on date for ma daily task. sound so cliche...but that is the truth!! Talk a bout up to date, me just an ordinary gurl with a taste of life..Hahaa!!

JieJah's Say...

Have a great day ahead!!
I hope i would...Cheers!!

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