Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#302... Insya Allah

I'm in GREY mode today :(

drowning in the ocean full of heartless people

to painful i cant get ma feet up again

carelessly nobody would care whether I'm alive or not

ma emotion today is pretty blurred especially since yesterday

in many way I'm still hoping a shine right thru all this

many way me try to find my way to help it out

most of the answer is negative..

HONESTLY..I'm really sad

But me cant think much as me asking out

hence i don't give up..

Lesson to be learned! I put a little note to my self..

At this point of time,

I feel really bad because i feel i'm not good enough

Dear mak, sabar yer..g will try ma best to help

Dear myself, i hope i will find a way soon and May Allah grant me a way.


JieJah's Say...Insyallah

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