Thursday, December 2, 2010

#304...Push by Mr. Devil

I don't know where to begin this,
But one thing i know
i been walking with a demon lately..
but i don't believe what they say to me
and today i'm going to break free..

From heartache and painful thru all this few's year
i learned many thing
and i grow in many ways
I'm who im now..nothing to be proud of because I'm just an ordinary gurl.

this few week also i have learned in very hard way
from the unexpected event

I learned that we never expect people world care and understand
I learned that we need to be professional although you have a massive issue at back of your head
I learned that people wouldn't care less although you gave your explanation
I learned that management expectation as massive as Boeing 747 or airbus i guess!
I learned that no matter how deep trouble you're in only Al-mighty is the best place to share..

I cherish what i learned.
Merciful al-mighty have given me a great lesson
its true when you say live its cruel anyway..

As my arwah tokmak used to say, Ijie, jgn buat org biarkan, Sabar..Allah akan balas jua,".


I got photo shoot again today
But me wear baju kurung :) (Apa ku kisah!! me like pakai baju kurung with fancy kitten heel)hahaaaa!!! let see what happen.

This song keep on playing in my head today after listen to it this morning from
one of BFM

One of ma fav singer..i think at this point this song gonna stick all day long..

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