Friday, December 3, 2010

#305...Another hectic Friday

wake up this morning quite late compared usual
to read the sms me received this morning make this gurl smile
that make ma day shine!!
Hahaa...yes i know you will say me sgt drama kan?
but i'm who i am..

another day waiting for me
full of meetings and tasks that should be handle by other people
handover to me due to lack of head count..
I learned something, i i'm driving
my mind its at the other side of world
i just remember what my friend conversation on the other day

"sometime g, biler time we susah you will know who is your true fren,"
well i guess she is right..

Don't get me wrong, this is what been lying in ma head
when you have the money, you can't buy the happiness..
this topic its something random between me and ma gurlfren

you have the Lavish car to drive or lavish lifestyles to spend to
are you happy?

you have the latest gadget now or branded stuff
are you happy?

Maybe some will answer yes or no or maybe..
its up to you...
You know the answer yourself,
To me money at times important..for medical treatment, bills and what not
I have to agree the money help me to get ma life move on..
but honestly..i don't believe it can buy ma happiness.
Ma loves ones are ma eternal Love!!

People come and goes,
Friends come and goes,
Lovers come and goes,
But ma GF's always there for me :))
But ma Loves ones aka Ma famile stays..

And i also believe that
"setiap rezeki yang kiter cari mesti ada berkat dr Allah S.W,T and ibu Bapa,"

Need i tell more..Think your self!!

JieJah's Say...

I really hate to do it at ma blog
Sorry to say this,
Dearest En. Boss Longkang.. Lu ingat lu boleh pijak kepala gua biler u jerit or maki dekat gua
Maaf, If the old me u can see me crying and emo for the rest of the day but let me remind you
i wont do that because i know its ma not ma fault and i already done my part!!

If you wanna piss for not dedicated enough to your daily task..Please get a life! that is not ma bloody business. Get me?!..Psycho..

Instead of me getting laughing my heart out to see another side of you..

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