Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#316...Who are you?

This few day make me realized of few things and I'm going to share in ma blog, if any of you people read this do drop a comment...and this is came from ma heart.

1.Honest about yourself!

Maybe to some people that don't know that well they or you may think that I'm snobbish or in malay as "sombong". Usually its take me only a while to warm up and me usually will start to interact with people that surrounding me. To ma GF's and close friend they know this pretty well and knowing who i am. I often receive comment about they are afraid to talk to me! Look if you don't even look at me and talk to me how am i to give some feedback. Despite how much i hate that person i still will smile and acknowledge her present because ma mum teach me well. Plus i always been judge the way i dress, so what if i dress to the occasion or i dress well?
That is just me, i like to presentable and neat. Its just pain in ma ass when i received some comment "they afraid to talk to me just because of ma appearance," to me that is such a lame excuse.
Period! I have seen many people despite races, background, education etc can accept me as who i'm! To this people I'm really elated!!

2.Wear the cloth not the cloth wear's you

After certain time and few events that i attend i realized many people or specifically young people became the fashion victim, which make me wonders? why you want to follow that person styles or they way they dress them selves...Yes, i have to agree that we should be up to date in but don't over do it..when you over do it you will loose who you really are.

To ma opinion, you dress comfortably and be yourself. Example from your styling of yer hijab or hair, shoe, handbag and etc..never loose your touch of who you are! and dress to occasion either you just hangout with famile and friends, weddings, events...its will show other your personality and trust me when you dress well it boost up your confident!

3.Its never to late to chase your dream

I believe in dream and passion, this two is among the key ingredients of road to success. The journey wont be easy but we should try before you surrender your self. This is your life you should have self determination for your future and don't let anyone come to interfere what you have in mind or your goal. My road as where i am now its not easy and honestly I'm still learning and eager to know more. Plus in the same time i want to improve to be best in ma field. Insyallah!

4. Appreciate people surrounding you

Actually this among thing i observe lately, and i realized that I'm really lucky to be surrounded by people that really accept and care as who you i am. Not all people do have this in their life and to see some of them take their friend or their family for granted it upset me. In many situation from husband and wife, child and family, relationships and many more.

How success you are, how cool you are that is determine who will care about you when you in great need. Trust me! our society really lack of this irregardless any races many have forgotten to show your appreciation. Its now how expensive is the item that you buy for them, its the thought that really count! Ma advice is not to late to think and appreciate people that surrounding you.

JieJah's Say...

This is ma general opinion and what i have discover this couple of weeks. This as reminder to us in many ways to come in the future!! Have a great day ahead...Cheers!

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