Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#317...Fantasy VS Reality

JieJah's Say...

I really want to see this Rapunzel :)) (Me likey!!!!)

Definitely, remind me of someone that i really adore. Miss you dearly!! Have fun at Cameron ya!

I'm really not in the good state of mind. Lately its hard for me to sleep nor to rest. Many thing on ma mind, dateline all over ma face as ma boss its not around. After 4 days of leave i feel a bit cranky. Hahaaa!

Ma main goal to settle all ma task today and ensure all ma task been done as been discuss before. Plus, i realized that its really hard to talk to person that doesn't understand the art of communication. Truthfully, its pain in ma ass but life is cruel right? I will take it one step at times.

Take me to wonderland as i wanna leave this cruel society! Motif? Erk....Have a great day peeps...;-P

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