Thursday, December 16, 2010

#318...How to be 20 something

I been reading somewhere,
Just want  to share something here, being that I’m near the latter end of this spectrum, but I still found this article to be interesting. Of course, I can’t relate to everything. These are the ones that stood out for me:
Be really attractive. Your acne is gone, your face has matured without having wrinkles and everything on your body is lifted naturally. Eat bagels seven days a week, binge-drink and do drugs: you’ll still look like a babe. When you turn thirty, it’ll become a different story but that’s, like, not for a really long time.
This really does catch up to you, eventually. But it’s all good and fun in the meantime. It sounds crazy to say after all I’ve been through health-wise in the past year, but I’d still do this all over again. You only live once, right? And I don’t think any of us want to live with any regrets.
Date people who you know you’ll never be able to love. See someone for three months for no other reason than because it’s winter and you want to keep warm by holding another body.

Eventually all these nobodies will make you crave a somebody. Have a real relationship with someone. Go on vacations together, exchange house keys, cry in their arms after a demoralizing day at work. Think about marrying them and maybe even get engaged. Regardless of the outcome, feel proud of yourself for being able to love someone in a healthy way.
I truly believe in both of these. If you haven’t done either, you haven’t had a real love life. This is not a knock on anyone who’s in a long-term relationship, but if you’ve at least dated outside of that or took time to be really single (i.e: alone but not lonely), you might have better knowledge in who you are and what you want, especially in a relationship.
Start your twenties with a lot of friends and leave with a few good ones. What happened? People faded away into their careers and relationships. Fights were had and never resolved. Shit happens.
I think if I knew this in advance, I would be apprehensive about it happening, but it does and it’s eventually okay because you realize who’s going to always be there, and who’s not.
Think of yourself at twenty and hanging out with people who didn’t mean a thing to you. Think about writing papers, about being promiscuous, about trying new things. Think of yourself now and your face looking different and your body feeling different and how everything is just different.
It’s strange how things become different so quickly.
Think about having children when you stop acting like a child. This may not ever happen.
I often wonder if it ever will.

JieJah's Say...It just make you wonder right?

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