Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#330...Activity update

 I have a great weekend :)
  • I really spend ma time with ma famile. We eat a lot, go makan - makan together, lay down together while watching movie, we chat, we gossip's and make this bulat gurl HAPPPPPPY! to see them smiling. And of course CELEBRATING bday of Mon Petite Ami! 
    Dearie,  i wish and DOA the best for you :))
  • Went to Hezrin's wedding :) Gosh we did have fun that night full of laughter, gossip, taking picture and of course the main attraction of that night is The bride and the Groom. Beautiful Wedding and breathing taking view :)) congrats again to Hezrin and Fly!
  • I learn few thing last week, especially on work. What i learn, be as what you are and alert with WHAT is been expected by the Management and Never give Up.
  • At last i successfully finished my PR Calendar 2010...(**will Pack till August 2011)
  • Can't wait for the Acoustic NIGHT!!!! Yeay.... *wink*
  • This week aim's to finish all my pending work :)) *all the best**heheeee!!
JieJah's Say...Before i end this post i share some shot of this weekend :))

Aisha, Hanin & Me

The Setting


All of us

agos and aisha (p.s me still adore your baju :)))

Candid pic :)

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