Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#331...I'm an ADDICT!!!!!

skirt definitely plus the JAKET :))

Adore this.... i hope i can find it :))



OMMMMMMG! i really nak this :))

This one toooooooo OMGGGGG!! plus the JACKET.

Need i say more :))

JieJah's Say...
Lately i have this pelik attitudes with skirt. Even my mum and few of ma gf realized this new thing with me. Gosh....i'm really into it. I really like how its flow, the material so comfortable and comfy (I have to admit it's really hard to find it) but it so worth it. This is some of sample of skirts that i really adore. I hope i will found it soon :) PLUS the jacket and mini boots too.

** So conclusion i da rambang mata nie ;P


ana said...

hi darl, replied to ur mail regarding the skirts :)

Azizah Abd Jamal said...

ya dear!

i already replied :)